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07-05-2012  18:06
Letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon

Circassian Association of California/ Adyghe Khasa
P.O. Box 1275
California 90680
The Honorable Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secretary-General
760 United Nations Plaza
New York
New York 10017
Monday, April 30th, 2012
Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

We are representatives of the Circassian Diaspora around the world. The Circassians are the original inhabitants of North-West Caucasus - Historical Circassia. The Circassians defended their historical homeland for centuries against repeated Czarist Russian aggression up until the mid-19th century. After the conclusion of the 100 year colonial war our ancestors were subjected to forced deportation from their historical homeland. The deportation of the Circassian people was among the largest in the modern times, with almost 90 percent deported and one third of them perishing during their exile from disease and starvation.

Currently, Circassians are scattered across over fifty countries, including Syria, and represent one of the largest Diaspora populations in the world with some 90% of Circassians living outside of their homeland and suffering the imminent and continuous threat of losing their culture and language.

The international Circassian community is extremely concerned about the ongoing violence and deteriorating situation in Syria. Small minorities such as the Circassians are especially vulnerable from both sides in the hysteria of such events. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Circassians’ lives have been threatened by both conflicting parties. You may be aware that the Circassians of Syria have tragically been uprooted from their homes there before in 1967. Presently, Circassians once again face the prospect of being forced to choose between their lives or their homes. Anyone familiar with the tragic history of the Circassians understands that there is no more appropriate place on earth for them to rebuild their lives than in their historic homeland.

Russia is a strong, rich and respected country. It has the ability to rather easily prevent an enormous amount of suffering for these people. The authorities of the titular Circassian republics, civil society organizations and the Caucasus Diaspora have repeatedly appealed to the leadership of the Russian Federation to facilitate the emergency evacuation of the Circassians of Syria as compatriots in the homeland. Much to our regret, the official Russian authorities have yet to respond to our requests.

Mr. Secretary – General, we appeal to the United Nations, and to you personally, to use all possible influence and authority of your organization to raise this issue with the Russian Federation in order to expedite the return of the Circassians of Syria to their historic homeland. In so doing, you will contribute not only to providing refuge from humanitarian disaster, but will also be helping to promote historical justice and compliance with the UN Charter and other international legal instruments affirming the rights of indigenous people to live in their historic territory.


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