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20-02-2013  13:34
Yanal’s tragedy

The story of Yanal Sameer Islam’s death was and still the most painful stories ,It was un forgettable because of its humanitarian side , in which the heroes were young men whose sense of duty towards their families had pushed them to risk their lives , and Yanal’s life was the price…

The story started when the people of BirAjam had to leave their homes after the Syrian army entered the village . those who stayed had to go to the shelter houses , one of them was Yanal’s mother , Many parts tried to help the people to get out including the Syrian red crescent but they all failed . At this point , Yanal , with some other adiga young men made the decision to enter the village , and after negotiations with the army , the officer told them to go on their own responsibility.

So they took the main street and once they entered , the army opened their fire , part of them turned back while the others went on but yanal was shot There are many Adiga young men who died so painfully like Nart Qardan from the the city of Kiswa , who died in Al Raqa , after he was taken by force to the military service from one of the check points . His body was taken to the National hospital In Raqa to be taken to Damascus.

But the details of his death remains unknown till now Ayman Balqar, a father of young children, got in his car one Saturday afternoon for some needs and his family lost contact with him until the next day, when his body was found in one of the nearby fields , tied and shot in the head up close… Haytham Kassar Afendy Bek from the village of Der Fol in Homs . He was taking parts in the peaceful demonstrations and he was anxious about the Syrian people’s issues . he died by one of the snipers who were keeping the curfew to prevent the demonstrations.

May Allah have mercy on their souls all.




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