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18-12-2013  13:31
A Statement Issued by the “Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center” CCAHRC on Arresting Circassian Activists by the Russian Authorities

The elapse of more than 150 years from the end of the Russian-Circassian War did not change and apparently did not modify the Tsarist Russian exclusion, oppression and elimination policies adopted by the consecutive Russian regimes against the Circassian indigenous nation that started when the Russian forces invaded Circassia, and still going on in a variety of tactics and strategies.

It must be known to imperialists that the majority of the Circassian nation whether at homeland or in Diaspora is “positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated”, while they are enforcing a malignant plan in an attempt to draw attention away from the absurd Sochi Olympic Games in a wishful thinking approach to minimize the Circassian nationalists’ opposition to Russia’s plans.

The “Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center” CCAHRC expresses its outrage, refusal and condemnation against the latest of series of Russian authorities’ encroachments and intimidations carried out on the evening of Friday the 13th of December, 2013, by arresting the Circassian activists in the Circassian regions of the North Caucasus and were sent to Krasnodar by FSB units in contrast with inalienable human rights fundamentals. The Circassian silence and patience had never meant to be a loss of memory as the wrong impression on that should end immediately, and it’s about time for the people of falsehood to stop thinking and acting as if they are right!

The Russian violations are not acceptable, especially at a time, the whole world is paying tribute for Nelson Mandela who resisted and ended the Apartheid regime and restored freedom for his people. The Circassian legitimate rights still exist no matter how bullying, intimidation and harassment process is introduced and imposed!

The “Circassian Culture And human Rights Center” CCAHRC is honored to extend its applaud and brotherly greetings to Circassians in the North Caucasus and particularly the Circassian leading leaders who were detained by the Russian authorities which had to back down and release them as a result of the protests and condemnation, and at the same time the CCAHRC is urging the world at large, the United Nations, the European Union, the Human Rights organizations and the civilized world to take the corrective action of recognizing the Circassian legitimate rights.

Long live Circassia…
15, December, 2013
The Circassian Culture And Human Rights Center (CCAHRC)
Riga, Latvia.




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